Services Offered

  • Business Coaching
    • Infrastructure, Development and Planning
    • Standard Operating Procedures and┬áMethodologies
    • Corporate Team Building and Leadership Evolution
    • New Product Introduction and Development
    • Career Change and Transitional Shifts
  • Life and Relationship Coaching
    • Individual Coaching
    • Couples Coaching
    • Pre-Adolescent and Adolescence Coaching
  • Retreat Workshops located in Capitola, California
    • Coaching for Singles Program and Workbook
    • Couples Therapy and Essentials; 1-5 days options
  • Web Design CMS/ WordPress
    • Brand & Corporate Identity (CI)
    • User Interface (UI) Design Web Design CMS/ WordPress
  • Capitola, California Beach Home
    • Private Room and Bath available during Retreat Workshops (or just a retreat!)

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