Jul 5 18

Choosing Something Different

In my most recent days appreciating and riding the bliss of an Andre Bocelli concert POW! a major ULP.  In that nano-second I immediately shifted into my reptilian or primal brain and “Choosing Something Different” was not possible in my primal brain.

We humans have three brains  (Right Brain, Left Brain and Old Brain). The primal brain holds our autonomic nervous system and it’s job is all about survival of our physical being. It’s constantly assessing if there’s anything threatening us.

The mammalian brain handles emotions, feelings, behaviors, and the social aspects of life.  All you can do to change these “controls” is to notice your environment and triggers when these particular behavior(s) happen. This is where hiring a coach will assist offering rapid, advanced learning.  There’s now scientific proof that we can re-wire our brains.

The prefrontal cortex (conscious brain) handles writing, thinking, decision-making, and setting goals. You know, the stuff that makes us human! Our pre-frontal lobe is responsible for about 20% of our decisions.

Your next Question may be, “What’s an U.L.P”?

It’s the Upper Limits Problem coined by Gay Hendricks.
If you want to start “Choosing Something Different” start by reading “The Big Leap” which can be sampled or purchased here 
The story that I’m sharing is about “Blaming versus Claiming” not the actual ULP and inviting you to “Choosing Something Different”.

After a glorious enlivening concert, I FELL…BAM! on the concrete floor outside.  Immediately after standing up nearly shouting “I’m alright” leaping in to “blaming” these damn shoes I’m wearing (there too high)!!!  followed by “oh! it’s my ankle- too unstable”!!!  The next one sounded something like “I sprained my ankle as a child and it’s weak”  Do any of these stories sound familiar?

Over the next two days I unconsciously suffered, felt angry and wanted to cry.  I couldn’t put my finger on it and struggled to wrap my head around it, unconsciously committed to blame.  My vision now becomming very limited and quite cramped, I decided to choose something different.  I decided to use breathing with a somatic approach and immediately my body revealed physical pain.  At that moment I began experiencing an overwhelming sharp pain from my hip and, on top of that my knee and ankle felt universally bruised.  Choosing to claim my fall, feeling my body and expressing many tears.

“Claiming” that I was 100% responsible for falling allowed me to FEEL my body.  I’d been skipping over my feelings trying to fix it in my head.  Looking back, seems silly.  Opening up to a different approach created spaciousness. I’m deeply appreciating this reminder from the Universe and I Re-committ to CLAIMING.

The awareness of an injury is the first step in creating change then “Choosing Something Different” #StopTheBlame
The injury may not always be physical, but the body intelligence is a great somatic place to start your investigation.

Cheers to healing injuries and being OK with conflict with yourself or others.


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