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Visions of Success continues to empower ENOUGH!

Coming from a place of ENOUGH

Spend it ANY way you want, YOUR Choice – REALLY IT IS !!!

Claim YOUR time, it’s YOURS!!!  Guilt FREE!!!

How does attachment take my time? What is attachment?  Attachment to Money? Attachment to Spouse?  Attachment to all those things I say I Need to do!  There are many things we attach ourselves to unconsciously, which does not always allow us to manifest what we desire & want most.  What if I asked you to create from a place of ENOUGH.  Enough Time, Enough Money, Enough Food, Enough Love (I could go on here), but simply start at “Creating from Enough” without allowing your attention to wander to the past or the future.

So, coming from a place of “I have no time” what are you talking about?  I have to get up early get the kids out the door, or maybe it’s “I need to drop my spouse of at work because we only have one car right now?!” or maybe the excuse is well “If I stop doing and start being then I’ll be bored” or maybe there’s a story of “I’ll be alone” or worse maybe “I’ll be alone with nothing to do” not much curiosity or presence in those statements, just a bunch of fear based induced conclusions!

Starting from ENOUGH consciously brings experience in the present.  Check in right now and bring awareness to what YOUR doing in this moment, Are you being fed or drained?  When you begin to experience claiming YOUR time, standing right here in the “NOW”  having nothing to do with the circumstances around you; and not allowing thought to take you out of your experience it’s a completely different experience and often brings gifts and surprises!

I can attest that I feel more on track when claiming my time, it’s MINE!!!  I can share that some of my other obligations that actually bring me more revenue, but coming from a place of ENOUGH I don’t NEED revenue, I have everything I need.  It’s a very special commitment to self.  I can choose to create more not because I need to, but because I want to.

Pay close attention, listen deeply and notice how excited and fueled with everything you do from that place of enough-ness!  Know that you are being fueled by trust rather than fear and now spreading a contagious level of inspiration to all those around you to want the same.

We no longer need excuses to not go out with a friend, call in sick, not clean the house.  We don’t need another story to enjoy the time we want to see what experience can happen from that place of “I have enough Time” That everything is and will be alright if I take care of myself first.  Even in the airplane, you put the oxygen mask on 1st before placing on your child, but what if you never needed the oxygen system? — Are you ready to commit to having enough time?  Take it even a step further… Are you willing to Having enough of everything and witness the difference of the experience coming from this place?  “Everything you want is on the other side of fear” — Rumi


Gina Velez

Business, Life and Relationship Coach

We manifest our visions long before we create them!

Seamlessly integrating Starting at Enough

Oct 1 15


I ran across a quote today that provided me an overwhelming sense of safety  that my value is not measured by the size of my home or my check book.  I am enough!   My Inner Safety is mine and the outer world can rattle me or provide an edge to grow; but my inner knowing knows this story holds no water today!  I am enough!

“‘Enough money’ isn’t a quantity. ‘Enough’ isn’t out there; it’s a relationship to what you already have. Unless you work on that, first (or simultaneously with how you’re making money) you will never feel like you have enough, and you will always feel poor. It’s possible to feel fat when you’re thin, and to feel poor when you’re rich. And the thing that changes is your relationship with ‘enough.’” ~ Geneen Roth

For the next 6 months I commit to my personal relationship to Money and it’s underlying stories and fears.  Relationship with money? That’s what I thought.  I mean “what the heck” it’s just a pile over there and as long as I have enough I’m okay, False.

How many times have you and your significant other fought over money?  Recently, my sweetie came to me and said, “Why is this bill so high and why is it so confusing now…  I never had these problems before!!!”  and it wasn’t in a “joyous” tone, it was THAT “it’s all your fault” tone… ya’ know the one that leaps you into the defensive, Familiar?  Well, now I’m feeling very small (child-like) and I am now “at the effect of” feeling judged and blamed, and I’ve taken on the story that “I am the problem” since he said everything was OK before, before what?  before me?  I’m feeling a strong parental presence here and it hurts so bad inside my chest cavity that instead of feeling miserable I just leave taking some of the story as my own (Yes, I took some bait and entered the drama).  A few days go by while I’ve mentally checked out of the relationship to create my space to process what just happen.  Did it have anything to do with that household bill?  The answer is simple, No.  It’s about money BUT it’s never about money!!  I am excited to share my adventure here with you.


When you work on yourself, you will discover countless ah-ha moments that bring so much insight, growth and blow out what you thought was possible.  This is my own experience and each of us has one to un-peel one layer at a time –

Much Love,


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