Nov 16 15

The Importance of Unwinding

Happy childhood, the family concept.pretty little girl playing with a spinning top.Isolated on white.

Hmm… “The Importance of Unwinding”

I almost want to say “enough said” looking at this picture of a happy little girl and her top – right?   We have the talent to wind this top up really good and then let her fly!!!  What I remember as a kid was that it was a bit more difficult to wind it up, and sometimes when over-wound, it broke.  I also remember when you wound it just the right amount, it was a whole lot’a fun to let it go!!! Similar to my first memory of a slide!   So, I ask when did it become so hard to let it go? … as humans we can gravitate to the same old patterns and I’m no exception to this madness.

I practice awareness on a daily level and can easily go unconscious and allow my “masks” to take over.  My personal favorite mask is the one that says “everything is okay” or “I got this” where I place everyone’s needs ahead of my own without blinking an eye.  Honestly, in the wind-up phase I’m no longer really setting anchorage to my body at this point, it’s an immediate brain response and I’m glad my mask is blocking my view so I don’t have to feel.  During the “winding phase” I believe there is no significance of my body sensations cause I am no longer listening to my body.  I call it emotional stacking.  It’s a shelf over in the corner of the room behind the door so no one can see it, not even me.

I recently gifted myself a 3-day “unwinding phase” and this is where I could really tap into how extremely tight my neck had become and especially between those shoulder blades.  I could also recognize a deep soreness in my jaw that revealed it’s contribution to my headaches.  The 1st day I slept, created a story it was the flu, not fully believing it.  I did have a lot of congestion and absolutely no energy, so maybe it could be… but by day 2 I was feeling better noticing a fierce resentment to work and anyone that wanted anything from me.  BY day 3 I could clearly see the cost of my over-winding.  I no longer  condemned my work or wanted to shun people from my life.  I felt movement in my shoulders and a need to stretch deeply and re-connect with my body.  I had breathe, long luscious deep nourishing breath.

Thank goodness that WE have the Power to re-program and change these old, worn-out patterns.  I am creating new belief systems shifting dilapidated patterns.  WE have a choice to turn on daily awareness and create sustainable, healthier, happier, momentous beings living in our vital experience.  Think about the word “vital” root of VITALITY!

“Letting it go” can be as simple as “unwinding” and letting your top fly and capturing some play time!  Much Love — Gina

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