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Relationship Success

Gina Velez

Stage One – Readiness

New Mindset Chapter 1

Have you ever said, “If only my partner could see/hear”?  …or “I just want it to be like they used to”  or maybe “How come he/she doesn’t do or act like when we met?”,  Do they still love me? This is a  difficult path to navigate communication in a relationship.  The two simple words “IF ONLY” has us looking for answers outside ourselves, forever trying to change how others behave in order to feel better about our own lives.

if only this person acted a certain way, or if only they would (you fill in the blank) make more money? get some cooperation around the house?

Even if we got everything we wanted, there would be something else to eat away at our contentment, because the if onlys are only symptoms of the real problem
By the time couples come to therapy , sometimes it is beyond repair.

What do you Really believe about love? When you operate from these limited beliefs, you wind up with limited options.
The tricky part is most of us don’t realize when we’re not loving ourselves!  The work we do on ourselves offers new lenses of how you’re showing up in your life and with others both conscious and unconsciously.  Are you open and curious to creating or finding the Love of your Life and a Life that you Love?  I invite you to work on your VISION and understand your Requirements, Needs and Wants; including relationship  agreements / plans.

Why use a relationship coach

  1. You Value Relationships Highly
  2. You are committed to Success
  3. You want Results
  4. You are willing to learn
  5. You are ready for action
  6. You are open to mentoring support
  7. You want fulfillment
  8. You want to be true to yourself
  9. You want to be proactive
  10. You want to go beyond your limits
  11. You want to take responsibility
  12. You want to live authentically
  13. You =want balance in your life
  14. You want new possibilities for your relationships

What you believe, you can achieve!
If you can’t be in a great relationship, why be in one?

Much Love,

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